Kansas is a beautiful place. 

One that, like the divine, operates at extremes ~ the nano and macro of physics. 

It is said that the extra dimensions exist curled up within themselves ~ I equate this to those hidden corners of the Earth, where the energies of intellects vastly different somehow intersect, and cross-multiple into new entities ~ ideas.


Kansas is one of those places. The wonders and delicacies of Kansas are hidden within themselves, like the double rainbow that emerged one thunderous June night out of the black-green sky, or the tall grasses of the Flint Hills, our Inland Sea. 

And in this ~ the fact that, any poisonous spider, invisible army of chiggers, tornado, mountain lion, snapping turtle, might apparate from the immanent stillness ~ there is something comforting, for I am relieved of my Ptolemaic agony, reminded of my beautiful, because necessarily limited, role in this world.