s v j   n s r g n c 

Hi~ My name is Clara & Savaje.

I am a traveling artist & writer.

I am twenty years old.

I create where others have erected borders -

   borders between nations,

      borders between peoples,

         borders between ideas. 

Our ancestors intuited the unity of the cosmos - that there existed a pattern connecting every living and nonliving being.


And for this they had awe.

With this awe they were led to the understanding, but as they found the understanding, the cosmos fractured.

And they held the pieces in their hands, and cried, though knew not why.

But they could not do other than go forth, and though they knew it not yet, they had created the understanding so they might someday reignite the awe -

Know to create a world of their own,

   the world of awe and understanding,

      the world of light and darkness,

         the world of love of other and self.